Why is Tubidy taking too long to load

Reasons Why Tubidy Is Popular

Why is Tubidy taking too long to load? Listening to music today has never been so easy before, thanks to online music platforms. Such a platform allows you to listen to your favourite songs anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet connection. There are so many popular online music platforms, one of them is Tubidy. Why is Tubidy so popular? And why does it take too long to load?

Why is Tubidy taking too long to load

Why is Tubidy So Slow?

Many users complained that Tubidy is too slow. It takes too long to load and download songs. If you have the same complaint, you are suggested to check your internet connection first. Because there might be problems or errors in your connection so that it affects the internet speed. But if everything is fine with your internet connection, you probably need to subscribe to Tubidy.

Tubidy comes in 2 different versions, which are free and paid versions. The paid version, of course, offers better performance and more benefits and features. So, if you think that the free version is too slow, you can consider subscribing to the paid version and enjoy the benefits.

Why is Tubidy taking too long to load

Why is Tubidy So Popular?

There are some reasons why this music platform is incredibly popular, here they are.

  • Download MP3 and MP4 from Other Platforms

Tubidy allows you to download songs that you get from other platforms in the form of MP3 or MP4. For example, you can search for the song you want to download on YouTube, copy the link, then download it by using Tubidy. You just need to paste the link of the song to the available column, choose the file format, then click download.

  • Create Your Own Playlist
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You can also create your own music playlist and listen to it offline. However, you have to register first via Tubidy’s official website or app. Once you have registered, then you can choose a random playlist. Go to your account to select several songs to include in a playlist that you can listen to offline.

  • Interesting Features

Though you go for the free version, Tubidy still provides many interesting features. For example, the features of dashboard, search for popular songs, random playlists, and stream videos for free. The music platform also has a feature for storing downloads of various file formats.

That is a glimpse of a popular music platform, Tubidy. Are you still curious why is Tubidy taking too long to load?